Call for volunteers! Office Accommodation Consultation Committee (OACC)

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE)’s lease is coming up for renewal in September 2023. The President and the National Executive Committee, with the assistance of members of CAPE's management team, are looking at all available options to find the best cost-savings scenario while maintaining a central and easily accessible head office location to best serve its membership.

CAPE has established the Office Accommodation Consultation Committee (OACC) and is seeking volunteers to participate in consultation sessions between April and August 2020 to help determine where CAPE’s head office will be located after September 2023.

The consultation will allow members to provide their input and share their concerns in an open, respectful and transparent manner. The sessions will also offer volunteers a unique opportunity to learn more about the intricacies involved in office space logistics and give them a voice at the table to share their thoughts and ideas.

The recommendations delivered during the consultation sessions will be consolidated and provided to the NEC’s Office Accommodations Steering Committee for final decisions.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Tuesday March 10, 2020

I.       Apply Today!

Members wishing to join the committee may either:

  1. Complete the registration form below; or,
  2. Send an email response with the subject line [Office Accommodation Consultation Committee] at along with the reasons you wish to be considered as a committee member.

II.      Limited seats

Seats are limited and preference will be given to a diverse representation from our membership base.

III.     Mandate

Through consultation with CAPE management, the committee will be mandated to explore ideas and solutions that will help the NEC’s Office Space Accommodations Steering Committee formulate final recommendations regarding CAPE’s lease and office space.

IV.      Meetings & expenses incurred

The committee will be meeting approximately once a month, after working hours, at CAPE’s national headquarters in Ottawa. Members who join us in person will be served a light meal. Taxi and parking expenses will be covered by the Association.

Regional members will be able to join in by teleconference or videoconference. More details will follow once the volunteers have been selected.

V.      Need more information?

If you require further information about the committee or for any other issue, we invite you to contact us at:  with the subject line  [QUESTION: Office Accommodation Consultation Committee]