Call for nominations: National Executive Committee

Run for an elected position on the National Executive Committee and contribute to your union!

** Mandate 2024–2026 **

***Please note that there was one omission in the previous email on the number of positions available. In addition to the EC, TR and OPBO director positions, there is also one open LoP director position.

If you would like to serve on CAPE’s National Executive Committee (NEC), the period for submitting your nomination is now open. The deadline is Sunday, September 1, 2024.

We are looking for passionate individuals who are ready to run for positions on the NEC. NEC positions are for three-year terms except when a by-election is held, such as is the case this year. All NEC mandates end December 31, 2026.

Click here to learn more about the National Executive Committee’s fiduciary duties and what it entails.

Under By-law 3.4, all nominations for a director position shall be supported by one regular or pending member of the association.

The following positions are available for each bargaining unit:

  • 1 EC director seat 
  • 1 TR director seat
  • 1 OPBO director seat 
  • 1 LoP director seat  

Promoting diversity

Members belonging to equity-deserving groups are encouraged to run for office to contribute their unique experience and perspective to the national conversation and help build a diverse board of directors. Regional and linguistic diversity are also encouraged.

Volunteer with us today and help improve your community’s representation and influence!

Nomination documents and deadline

All required documents (nomination forms and biographical notes) must be received at CAPE’s national office by 4:00 p.m. (ET) on September 1, 2024. Candidates’ biographical notes will be published on CAPE’s website during the election campaign. You may also submit a photo with your biographical information.

Absolutely no documents will be accepted after the September 1 deadline. Don’t delay! Now is the time to put the final touches on your submission and make sure it gets to us on time.

For the position of director, members must fill out and submit the electronic form before the deadline. They can also mail one duly completed and signed form to the national office at the address listed below. An electronic copy can also be emailed to before the deadline. 

Please click here to access the director form

Click here to access the sponsor form

Those preferring to submit hard copy nomination forms can mail them to the address below with a stamp date of no later than 4 p.m. ET on September 1, 2024:

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees
Attn: Elections and Resolutions Committee
350 Albert St., Suite 1800
Ottawa, ON K1R 1A4

You may also wish to review CAPE’s by-laws and, in particular, By-laws 3.4 through 3.7 dealing with nominations, and articles 8 and 19 of CAPE’s constitution, which address the composition of the National Executive Committee, and the elections and terms of office.

Profile: National Executive Committee DIRECTORS

1- Duties

National Executive Committee members are required to attend annual general meetings and monthly NEC meetings. As members of various association committees, they perform duties as assigned by the NEC.

2- Benefits

The position is a voluntary one (unpaid). Members are compensated if their association duties require them to take leave from their government position.

The National Executive Committee, as a whole, is responsible for establishing association objectives, policies and guidelines. The National Executive Committee, subject to membership approval, may propose, vary, or rescind by-laws and exercise executive authority.