C-377 becoming a footnote in our history

CAPE is delighted with the new Liberal government’s announcement that it will not apply the provisions of Bill C-377, a private member’s bill enacted by the former Conservative government in 2015.

“The Liberals made a commitment during the recent election campaign to repeal C-377, and I am glad to see that they are going to keep their campaign promise,” CAPE President Emmanuelle Tremblay noted, adding that “CAPE appeared before the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce in 2013 to denounce the measures in C-377, which were designed not to improve the “transparency” of unions so much as to quell political criticism from labour organizations.”

Sponsored by former Conservative MP Ross Hiebert and drafted in collaboration with Merit Canada, an organization known for its anti-union bias, C-377 would have forced unions to comply with financial disclosure requirements never before seen in Canada. It should be pointed out that CAPE, like other Canadian unions, places all of its financial statements at the disposal of its members and is more than willing to answer their questions at the annual Membership Budget Meeting.