Budget Consultation

The National Executive Committee and the Finance Committee would like to consult with members regarding changes to the 2023 budget.

Although a budget had already been approved for 2022-2023 by the membership in a vote held between June 20 and July 4, 2022, later in the fall the National Executive Committee added several new positions to the budget to address a critical shortage of resources. 

Also, as you may be aware, the membership approved last fall a change to the fiscal year to coincide with the calendar year.

In addition, at their February 24, 2023 meeting, the National Executive Committee also proposed that the revised budget include a dues increase and yearly escalator tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to offset the projected deficit and ensure the financial viability of the Association, the last increase being almost a decade old.

Under CAPE's Constitution, Local Leaders and members are consulted as part of the process leading to a membership vote.

Members unable to participate in these consultations in person or virtually will be able to send their recommendations to CAPE online through a link that will be provided between March 29 and April 7, 2022.

Stay tuned! You will soon receive your invitation to take part in the consultation.

Calendar of events :

  1. Online membership consultation │March 29 - April 7
  2. Consultation with Local Leadership Council (online) │4 April
  3. Membership Budget Meeting (hybrid)│12 April
  4. Review of recommendations by the Finance Committee │19 April
  5. Final review by the National Executive Committee │28 April
  6. Membership vote for final budget approval, including a dues increase│June 5 - 16