Annual General Meeting: Submit your resolutions by September 23



This is an official call for resolutions to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting that will be held on November 16, 2016

As a CAPE member, you have the ability to guide the leaders you elect and provide direction and ideas to make our union stronger. Resolutions are what empower our members at all levels to pave the way forward for our union – to decide to how we run our organization.

Between now and September 23, 4:00 p.m., you have a key opportunity to make your voice heard.


All resolutions shall be submitted by two (2) Regular or Pending members (See note below). Resolutions and accompanying remarks shall not exceed one page (8.5” x 11”) of text using Arial 12 point font or equivalent. The text shall not refer to any list nor mention individuals or locals who are in support of the resolution. If the authors of the resolution do not provide the document in both official languages, the Association shall have the document translated. The authors shall be granted 5 working days to review the translation produced by the Association.

Resolutions in any text medium format with verifiable signatures shall be received at the National Office no later than 4:00 p.m. (EDT) on September 23, 2016.

Click here for more information on how to submit and write a resolution.

Constitutional Amendments

Any Regular or Pending member, or Local, may petition for an amendment to the Constitution. Such petition shall contain 100 signatures of Regular or Pending members (See note below).

The Constitution shall only be amended following an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting to review the proposed changes, and approval by a vote of the membership in accordance with clause 27.6 of the Constitution: “The Constitution shall only be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast”.

Note: A Regular Member is any member of a bargaining unit for which the Association is the bargaining agent, who has applied for Regular Membership in the Association, and whose dues are being remitted. A Pending Member is someone from whom the Association has received an application form to be a Regular Member but whose dues have not yet been remitted.