Special Levy 2023

This is to inform you of a temporary change to your dues planned for November and December 2023 only.

As you will recall, in 2022 two members’ resolutions were passed by the membership (questions 9 and 10), and each included a special levy of approximately $9.10 per member to cover the projected expenses to implement them.

The Finance Committee recently approved the timing to collect the double special levy, upon which CAPE notified Treasury Board, requesting that Public Services and Procurement Canada recover the special levy in November and December 2023 only, noting that the dues would have to be readjusted, going from $57.10 back to $48 again in January 2024.

The information is now available on both the CAPE and Treasury Board Secretariat websites.

For more information on resolutions and special levies, please refer to the By-Laws (B 3.34 to B 3.40).