Steward Training 2022 (English)

Jan 20 - 21, 2022

For more than 10 years, CAPE has hosted its bi-annual Stewards’ Training Sessions. These sessions provide information on labour relation practices and policies that affect our members. The sessions are designed to help members understand their rights in relation to their collective agreements and the employer. There are two events in January - one in English (below) and another in French.

The sessions are typically offered in the spring and the fall, and are held over a three-day period. A maximum of five modules can be covered per session. The sessions are led by CAPE labour relations experts, either at CAPE headquarters in Ottawa or regionally. 

Minimum requirement: a minimum of two (2) members need to register for a course to be delivered online.

The training is generally offered to stewards only. Please contact your dedicated CAPE labour relations officer to find out more about becoming a steward or to enquire about the training.


Steward Training (online)

This training will be delivered in two days.

DAY 1 (January 20th 2022)

9am – 12 pm

Session 1:

  • Labour Movement
  • CAPE
  • CAPE’s Stakeholders

1 pm – 4 pm

Session 2:

  • The CBA
  • NJC Directives
  • The Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act
  • The Public Service Employment Act
  • employment and Staff Relations Act  

DAY 2 (January 21st 2022)

9am – 12 pm

Session 3:

  • The Canadian Human Rights Act
  • The Canada Labour Code
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Boards

1 pm – 4 pm

Session 4:

  • The Local
  • Stewards
  • The members