Rally for remote work rights to support stronger communities

May 23, 2024
Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West (Laurier entrance)

On Thursday, May 23, Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe is hosting a public breakfast with Treasury Board President Anita Anand, who recently announced a plan to force workers back to the office three days per week. This announcement followed statements from Ontario Premier Doug Ford and business leaders who deemed this the best strategy to rescue downtown Ottawa’s economy. That’s not a sustainable business model for the downtown core – our city deserves better! 

Join members of CAPE and other federal unions, and members and leaders of various Ottawa communities at a peaceful rally at city hall to remind federal, provincial and municipal elected officials that forcing thousands of federal employees back to insufficient and expensive downtown Ottawa offices more days a week is not viable long-term solution to fix downtown Ottawa’s decades-long economic problems.


Federal unions and Ottawa groups rally for remote work and stronger communities!

WHERE: Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West (Laurier entrance).
WHEN: Thursday, May 23, 7:45 am to 9 am, rain or shine

**Hot beverages and morning snacks will be provided**



>>> Let’s be heard! #RemoteWorks!

Tell the mayor that downtown Ottawa should be a vibrant space for everyone who calls Ottawa home, not a dead employment zone whose economy depends on federal employees’ daily snack expenses from 9 to 5 only. This model was not working before the pandemic and now is the time to reimagine the animated space that our downtown should be! 

  • Come to promote the benefits of remote work to Canadian taxpayers and to bring attention to the opportunities to convert federal office buildings into housing and other spaces that work for residents and local businesses: daycares, youth and community centers and so much more!

  • Defend businesses and communities outside of Ottawa’s downtown core that have thrived with the increase in remote work. These neighbourhoods deserve a voice and our support!

  • Tell the president of the Treasury Board that she should not be catering to real estate corporations, the mayor or Doug Ford to the detriment of federal employees and Ottawa communities. 



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