Our mandate

We’re here for you: our members. Whether that means taking action to help you resolve a workplace issue or providing resources to empower you to advocate for yourself, we are dedicated to making sure your needs are met — with services provided by a team of professional labour relations experts, advocates and negotiators.

Everything we do is led by our mandate

CAPE exists to represent and advocate for all of our members — at bargaining tables, on labour relations, employment, workplace-related matters or other relevant issues. We do this to support, protect and advance our members’ interests and rights, working in ways that are accountable, complete, confidential, effective, fair, proactive and reactive. Our association conducts itself with professionalism and operates with integrity to meet and exceed members’ expectations. We measure our success in terms of member satisfaction, engagement, participation and support.

Core competencies

Our mandate is articulated around four core competencies that define the work we do and the services we offer: