Translation Bureau - Local 900

Local Leadership 


Nicolas Bois

Regional TR representative

Marie-Claude Molyneaux

EC Representative


Francophone translators representative
CAPE TR Vice-President

André Picotte

English translators representative

Barbara McClintock

Multilingual translators representative


Interpreters representative

Paule Antonelli

Terminologists representative

Christine Hug

Parliamentary translators representative

Caroline Huppé

Occupational health and safety coordinator

Marie Mallet 



Click here for complete list of TR representatives or download PDF version.


Local Annual General Meeting 

There are presently no meetings or events scheduled for this local. 

Representatives of Translation Bureau Local 900

Department Division Representative
Security and Defence Military 1 vacant
Security and Defence Military 2 Michel Pigeon
Security and Defence Criminology Marie-Claude Molyneaux
Isabelle Girouard
Security and Defence Public Administration vacant
English- Multilingual Translation and Terminology Terminology Standardization
(with Terminotics)
Christine Hug
English-Multilingual Translation and Terminology English and Multilingual Translation vacant
English- Multilingual Translation and Terminology English Translation 1 Sebastian Desbarats
English- Multilingual Translation and Terminology English Translation 2 Delphine Brégent
Kimberley Winslow
Economy and Citizenship Immigration Dominique Larocque
Economy and Citizenship Refugee Status vacant
Economy and Citizenship Finance and Procurement Claude Poirier
Yves Labrecque
Economy and Citizenship Employment vacant
Science and Technology Health Sciences Julie Thivierge
Science and Technology Agriculture Geneviève Mathieu
Science and Technology Technologies vacant
Science and Technology Environment Marie Pelletier
Yves Labrecque
Social, Political Sciences and Law Law Nicolas Bois
Line Niquet
Social, Political Sciences and Law Social and Political Sciences vacant
Social, Political Sciences and Law Administration and Industries vacant
Social, Political Sciences and Law International Affairs André Picotte
Parliamentary Translation Parliamentary Committee Proceedings Michelle Delorme
Parliamentary Translation Parliamentary Debates Stéphanie Beaulieu
Bernard Desgagné
Parliamentary Translation Services to Parliamentarians vacant
Parliamentary Translation Committees and Library of Parliament Marie-Claude Hamel
Interpretation Interpretation (Parliamentary) Paule Antonelli
Michele Glazebrook