Update on member resolutions

CAPE is pleased to provide you with the following updates on the two membership resolutions approved at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Since the AGM, CAPE has worked with the drafters of the resolutions and, with their collaboration, developed concept notes which will guide the shape and rollout of the campaigns. Thank you to the drafters for their collaboration.

CAPE has also completed the request for expressions of interest for both resolutions earlier this year and we have shortlisted firms that will be invited to submit proposals to help us complete the work. We will be issuing the Requests for Proposals for both projects before the end of March and are hoping to review proposals, choose consultants for both resolutions and negotiate contracts by early May.

As you may recall, the first member’s resolution commits CAPE to carry out a consultation campaign to engage members of equity-deserving groups with the goal of minimizing the impact of return-to-office policies on undermining employer and union policies around equity. The second will be an education and engagement campaign focusing on the CAPE defence fund and collective bargaining. The resolutions can be found here.

We will be reaching out to members as we put the resolutions into action, and we look forward to engaging with you as these projects move forward.