Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s Queen and Head of State

Ottawa, September 8, 2022 - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada and Sovereign, died today at the venerable age of 96. Her 70-year reign has established her as one of the most enduring and influential leaders of modern times.

Her Majesty dedicated her life to public service and continued to faithfully serve Canadians since her ascension to the throne in 1952.

She has been a constant in the lives of millions of Canadians, young and old, as well as head of state for hundreds of thousands of federal public sector employees.

She will forever remain a symbol of strength and resilience, having led and lived through some of the most dramatic periods of our common history.

Beyond her role as Queen and global leader, she was also a pillar in her own family; a family now grieving a profound loss.

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees joins countless people around the world, and members of the Commonwealth, in extending its deepest condolences to her family.