Review of CAPE’s 2019 Stewards’ Training Sessions

Our bi-annual steward training sessions attracted an increased number of participants in 2019 reflecting a growing interest among members to play an active role in the Association. The training sessions are a mandatory requirement for Association stewards and are also offered to members who are considering becoming stewards.

The three-day training sessions were offered in the spring and in the fall at CAPE's national offices in Ottawa. Members came from the National Capital Region (NCR), British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Compared to the previous year, there were about a dozen more registrations, bringing the total number of participants to 66. In addition, more members aspiring to become stewards also attended the sessions.

Emerging Issues, Improved Modules

In addition to offering the basic training modules for stewards, in 2019 CAPE put greater emphasis on sensitive issues such as harassment, violence and mental health. These modules provide stewards with better tools to assist and accompany other members exposed to these issues, which have been receiving more attention in recent years.

In 2018, the federal government passed Bill C-65 on harassment and violence in the workplace. This new legislation was incorporated into CAPE's module dedicated to harassment and violence in the workplace.

We are constantly seeking to improve our training modules so that stewards can provide assistance and support to our members based on up-to-date information. Most of our modules are currently being revised.

2020 Training Program

The 2020 training schedule and program will be available in the spring. If you have questions or wish to make recommendations, please contact us at or call 1-800-265-9181.

Get Involved!

We encourage our members to play an active role for the Association by getting involved with their locals. Becoming a steward supports all members and builds a stronger labour community.

Becoming a CAPE steward will;

- Help you better understand labour relations
- Help train you to assist other members
- Show you how to better support your local and its initiatives

Find out how to become a CAPE Steward here!


We congratulate the members who made a commitment to our community. We are truly grateful for their contribution.

Find below, some of the feedback received in 2019. Please note that answers were provided anonymously.

“Very interesting and engaging.”

“Please keep up the good work.”

“New to CAPE and I want to learn how this union works. Always trying to learn  how to encourage members to participate.”

“Really well done.”

“Recently joined as a steward. I want to gain knowledge so that I can deliver a  valuable service to the members. I also want to understand the collective agreement in my role/expectancy as steward.”

“Just great overall – thank you CAPE for the training and support.”