New and improved voting platform for upcoming votes

CAPE is announcing a new voting platform, called SimplyVoting, to make things easier and better for future votes.

It also comes at a great time, as the annual vote on the budget is coming up soon. The Finance team and the National Executive Committee have completed their consultations well in advance this year and you will be invited to vote on the budget using the new system in the coming weeks. CAPE anticipates continuing with the budget consultations and votes earlier in the year going forward.

As we evolve and grow as an association it is imperative that we continue to improve our technological tools and offerings as well. SimplyVoting offers members a whole range of improvements, including security, versatility, and auditing.


  • The system authenticates eligible voters using your existing CAPE member ID and member portal password for convenience and security, requiring less manual verification
  • SimplyVoting has increased security and offers a more transparent platform with more reliable reporting


  • The new system offers more reliable ballot emails to our members
  • There is a greater variety of new voting methods, such as ranked voting and single-transferable votes, giving more flexibility for future voting topics


  • Voting results will now be more easily and quickly certified by our auditors using automated reports in SimplyVoting
  • The system has complete tracking of internal user activity during active elections which helps identify any fraudulent activity

In addition to using this new voting platform, CAPE has also added an extra layer of voting results confirmation by including a new step whereby certified results from SimplyVoting would need to be verified by Deloitte.

Please let us know if you have any questions at

Stay tuned for the upcoming Budget vote soon!