National Volunteer Week 2022

Dear Members,

National Volunteer Week is about celebrating and expressing gratitude to all those who give their personal time towards supporting an important cause, be it kids’ sports teams, neighbourhood groups, vulnerable communities, refugees settling in our country or other causes. 

Volunteering is empathy in action, and we have proven to have plenty of it!

During COVID-19, we have witnessed the level of empathy and generosity we are capable of in our country when the need arises. We must treasure this generosity and never take it for granted.
CAPE volunteers are empathetic and generous 

At CAPE, our members are direct beneficiaries of all this goodness through a volunteer community that is now hundreds of members strong. 
I would like to thank all our volunteers for their dedication. 

Our volunteers continue to pour enormous time and energy into supporting their fellow federal public sector colleagues. They care and they show it every time they advise a member in need, organize a member event, participate in a meeting, contribute to a publication, or support a campaign.

All the people we ought to thank include:

An invitation to join our community of volunteers

Volunteering is rewarding. And you can do it in small or big ways. I was a volunteer for CAPE for 12 years before I ran for office as national president. I saw the value firsthand.

Volunteering for CAPE gives you an opportunity to help your colleagues, but also to bring improvements to your Association. 
CAPE is always welcoming to volunteers, so I encourage you to consider volunteering with us.

Sign up here!

Diversifying our perspectives

I want to extend a special invitation to members of equity-deserving groups. Our Association needs a leadership and volunteer community that reflects Canadian diversity. We are a stronger Association if we can rely on a diversity of voices and of perspectives. 

Help us create an Association that resonates with your community!

Volunteers need to be heard

If there is anything we can do to improve your experience as a CAPE volunteer, please share your ideas with us at

Greg Phillips


With heartfelt thanks,

Greg Phillips