National Public Service Week 2022

We at CAPE are proud to represent our 22,000 federal public sector members, and during National Public Service Week invite the public to join us in celebrating and recognizing their hard work.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of employees work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to ensure Canadians can benefit from a wide range of programs and services designed to support them or improve their quality of life.

Public sector employees make up the fabric of our government and constitute an invaluable community of people. They share a deep-rooted sense of duty to the nation which drives them to deliver their best work.

This shared sense of duty also helps them persevere during the most difficult times. We shall never forget their efforts in trying their hardest to balance professional obligations with personal challenges during the pandemic, trying to reduce any adverse impact on Canadians when everyone’s lives were turned upside down, including their own.

Let’s not take their high level of dedication for granted and rather let's collectively express our profound gratitude.

Wishing you all a great National Public Service Week!