CAPE’s Library of Parliament group vote in favor of a new collective agreement


CAPE’s Library of Parliament group vote in favor of a new collective agreement

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Have a look at the general document about the provisions included in the agreement: Download the PDF 

Ottawa - The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) announced today that the Library of Parliament (LoP) group, voted in favor of a new collective agreement.  

Roughly 94% voted in favor of the agreement.

The deal will benefit all 115 CAPE LoP members.

The tentative agreement was reached with the Library of Parliament on June 20, 2019 and was put to the vote shortly after. The agreement brings significant improvements to the LoP collective agreement, refining benefits in areas such as pay, parental leave, compassionate care leave, overtime, grievance procedure, authorship and telework among others.

From the beginning of my mandate, I was very keen to see our bargaining team reach the best possible collective agreement for our members in a reasonable time” said Greg Phillips, President of CAPE “We are glad to see that a very large majority of members who voted supported the tentative agreement; This deal was hard fought and the product of months of intense work on the part of our bargaining team, which deserve to be fully thanked and acknowledge for this positive outcome.

General highlights of the agreement:

The new agreement includes the following pay adjustments:

  • Effective December 16, 2018      1%
  • Effective June 16, 2019              2%
  • Effective June 16, 2020              2%
  • Effective June 16, 2021              2%  

New: Single Research Assistant Salary Level

The AJL level has been deleted, and the AWL level is now the Research Assistant Salary Level.

In addition, the parties have agreed to develop a Pre-Retirement Leave Transition Policy for employees who are interested.

Other improvements include a broader definition of family for different types of leave; new language for overtime that will allow any amount of earned, but unused compensatory leave credits, to be paid to the employees at their request (no longer required to be in excess of 105 hours); provisions regarding telework, travel and authorship; improvements to compassionate care leave where an employee will now be able to take leave without pay while in receipt of Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits, Family Caregiver Benefits, and Family Caregiver Benefits for Children; and anew informal dispute resolution mechanism where the parties now recognise the benefit of using informal mechanisms to solve disputes where possible and may seek access to a new dispute resolution procedure as outlined.



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