CAPE’s Economics and Social Science Services group set to begin negotiations

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) has selected its 2022 EC Bargaining Team and served notice to Treasury Board to commence negotiations for a new Economics and Social Science Services (EC) group collective agreement. The first meeting of the Bargaining Team and Treasury Board negotiators have been scheduled for the week of March 14th.

Initial planning was conducted by the EC Collective Bargaining Committee, which serves as a decision-making body overseeing negotiations. The Committee has selected from its ranks a Negotiations Team consisting of six (6) members in good standing plus two (2) alternates in accordance with CAPE Bylaw 7. This “table team” will meet with the Employer and bargain in good faith on behalf of EC members.

Notice to bargain is being served today to Treasury Board at the earliest possible date set out in the Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Act — four months prior to the June 21, 2022 expiry of the current collective agreement.

CAPE members made their priorities clear through the December 2021 Collective Bargaining Survey and defined the mandate that the Bargaining Team will bring to the table. The team expects to exchange opening proposals and hold high-level discussions on major issues during the initial meetings with the Employer scheduled for the week of March 14th.

CAPE EC Collective Bargaining Team 2022:

  • Andres Gallacher
  • Ann Nemec 
  • Ihtesham Rashid
  • Louise Richard
  • Maureen Collins
  • Robert Kossick|
  • Alex Butler (alternate)
  • Sean Maguire (alternate)