CAPE Hosts 2022 Membership Budget Meeting

The 2022 Membership Budget Meeting (MBM) was held on Thursday, May 5, 2022, in person in Ottawa and virtually via Zoom.

CAPE presented the draft budgets for 2022/2023 and 2023/2024, which were sent to members by email on April 22.

The MBM is held yearly as part of the budget approval process following consultations with CAPE staff, the Finance Committee, the National Executive Committee, and the Local Leaders.  The budget presented at the MBM was later approved by the National Executive Committee WHEN.

Meeting recording

A video recording of the full session is available HERE.

Members will vote on the budget in June 2022

Members will get a chance to vote on the final budget in June 2022 to implement the budget.  

Only registered members can vote.

Registered members also need to make sure they have provided CAPE with a valid email address by the time the ballots are published. 

Main highlights

During the evening, CAPE highlighted that these budgets project a deficit for the next two fiscal years.  The deficit is in large part due to increased inflation, which results in higher costs associated with travel and meetings; the hiring of additional labour relations officers as measure to improve support offered to members; and the fact that the collective agreements for all of CAPE’s bargaining units are being negotiated this year.

Quick summary

Questions raised by members varied, with some around the use of consultants. CAPE explained that consultants are sometimes recruited to fill in for employees on parental leave or on other extended leave to avoid the interruption of services. Consultants may also be brought on board to support projects for which extra resources may be temporarily needed. CAPE also expanded on the costs associated with current recruitments, such as the headhunting costs associated with the recruitment of the additional labour relations officers. 

Members also asked that the budget be presented alongside the actual spend amounts for 2021 – 2022.  The suggestion will be incorporated when the final budget is presented to the membership in June.

Members also recommended that the information be summarized and presented in a manner that is easier to understand, which will also be incorporated for the final vote.