Call for volunteers to form the EC Collective Bargaining Committee

It is already time to prepare for the next round of collective bargaining for the renewal of the collective agreement of CAPE members of the EC group which is set to expire on June 21, 2022.

As we prepare to head back for another round of collective bargaining, CAPE is looking for members who want to play an active role as part of the Collective Bargaining Committee.

The Committee’s role is to:

  • work with the Chief Negotiator appointed by the President;
  • identify and define potential issues in the workplace and prepare proposals and/or issues to be presented to the employer during the collective bargaining process;
  • select, from within the Committee, the Negotiating Team who will sit at the bargaining table with the employer;
  • work towards obtaining an agreement for the renewal of the collective agreement;
  • decide whether to accept (subject to ratification by the members) or reject a final offer made by the employer; and
  • oversee the process of ratification by the members.

There are a maximum of eighteen spaces available to form part of the Committee.

All members of the EC group are welcomed to apply.  Although this is a volunteer role, the Association reimburses members of the Committee for lost wages incurred as a result of collective bargaining activities.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) will appoint the members of the Committee from the applications it receives. The NEC will endeavour to choose the members of the Committee in a manner that will allow the Committee to reflect the composition of the bargaining unit and to negotiate effectively on behalf of the members. As such, the NEC will consider:

  • demographic and professional factors such as position held, gender, years of service and occupational interests;
  • prior experience in collective bargaining or willingness to take the appropriate training offered by the Association;
  • knowledge of the collective agreement;
  • capability to make a positive contribution to the bargaining process including the ability to work in a team and to develop consensus views on common positions; and,
  • ability to devote several days to collective bargaining sessions.

We strongly encourage racialized individuals, members of the LGBTQ2+ communities, women, persons with disabilities and Indigenous Peoples to volunteer with us.

Volunteer with us today and help improve your community’s representation and influence!

Volunteers for the Collective Bargaining Committee will have an opportunity to contribute directly to the establishment of the terms and conditions of employment for CAPE members of the EC group. This is an enriching experience that can help broaden your skills and expertise.

To submit your application, please complete this form. You have until June 18 to apply, so don’t wait!