Big union win today: CUPE

The Ontario Ford government has put in writing that it will rescind its legislation banning the strike of CUPE education workers. This was confirmed by CUPE in its own press conference earlier today where it announced an end to the strike to go back to the negotiating table. This demonstrates the power of unions, labour unity and collective action!

In case you missed it read the CAPE statement issued last week and shared on our social media in support of CUPE.

CAPE continues to stand in solidarity with CUPE workers who deserve a fair collective bargaining process and will be watching their next steps with hopes that a fair deal is struck, and that the provincial government keeps its word to rescind the legislation that is a direct threat to charter rights. Protecting workers' rights will always come first.

Kudos to all members who spoke up, wrote to their representatives, or were able to support the protest.

As CAPE continues its own collective bargaining for three of its four groups, we will keep you informed by email and by sharing updates on our website as soon we are able to. If you are not receiving emails please register and/or update your email preferences in the Membership Portal.