Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee

The EDISC is responsible for working with the NEC and the Association’s management team in combatting discrimination on prohibited grounds including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion and family status and, ensuring that we strive to be a union free from discrimination.

Meeting Minutes

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The next meeting is scheduled for April 12 2022


Jamie Lafontaine (Co-chair) Indigenous Services Canada  
Granda Kyptko (Co-chair) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  
Greg Phillips 
CAPE National President  
Statistics Canada  
Camille Awada
CAPE EC and LoP Vice-President
Statistics Canada  

CAPE Staff

Patricia Kumbakisaka Secretary  
Jean Ouellette

Executive Director

Jennifer George

Senior Advisor to the President

Katia Theriault Director of Communications and Public Affairs   
Dina Epale Advocacy and Public Affairs Advisor