Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update Type

TR Negotiations – Final mediation session in February 2023

In our most recent update, we informed you that mediation was still underway before going to arbitration. On February 7 and 8, your TR bargaining team will participate in a mediation session with the Treasury Board, under the supervision of the mediator appointed by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board.

TR Collective Bargaining – Mediation extended to December

As you will recall, after declaring an impasse at the TR table in June, CAPE felt that before submitting the application for arbitration, it would be appropriate to give the parties one last chance in a mediation process. The Employer and the Association, therefore, made a joint application to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board, which was approved by the Board.

EC December Bargaining Update

We wanted to send a quick update before the holidays. The parties are moving forward with arbitration and CAPE has named someone to be a member of the arbitration board. The Employer has also appointed someone. The two nominees will now work together to appoint a third person to form the board. All three nominees will then hear arguments from both side and deliver a binding decision.

EC Bargaining update

The EC bargaining team has met with the employer on November 3rd and 4th for a mediation session.

Mediation begins for the TR group

Your representatives, the research team and the negotiator spent October 24, 25 and 26 at the offices of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board.

TR Collective Bargaining Fall Update

As we communicated previously, the TR group reached an impasse after four months of negotiations in June due to a near-total rejection of our proposals, unacceptable concessions sought by the Employer, notably on wage offer as well as a refusal to include provisions on remote interpretation in the collective agreement.

LoP Collective Bargaining Fall Update

We wanted to provide you with an update on bargaining since our last update in August. On October 24, CAPE's LoP collective bargaining team will sit with the Employer's team to continue negotiations. Three more days of bargaining are scheduled for October 28, November 8 and 9. CAPE plans to submit its pay and compensation proposal on these dates

EC Collective Bargaining Fall Update

Since our last meeting on June 22, CAPE's EC bargaining team and the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) have jointly submitted a request to proceed with the appointment of a mediator. In our last update, we highlighted that progress had been made on several important issues and that we would continue our discussions with the Employer regarding some of our key priorities including compensation, remote work and the right to disconnect.

LoP Bargaining Update

We are pleased to inform you that negotiations have begun for the renewal of the LoP collective agreement which expired on June 16, 2022.