Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee’s goal is to ensure that those guiding documents truly reflect the aspirations of our members by addressing organizational and process issues that have arisen as a result of changing technology, a changing membership and a new federal political context. The workload of the committee derives mostly from issues raised at NEC meetings either as a result of recommendations from the general membership or from NEC discussions. However, members of the committee can propose changes to the NEC. Both NEC members and volunteers from the general membership make up the committee. 

Constitution and bylaws

Meeting Minutes

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There are presently no meetings scheduled for Constitution and Bylaws Committee. 


Charlene Lonmo (Chair) Statistics Canada
Greg Phillips
CAPE National President    
Statistics Canada
Camille Awada
CAPE EC and LoP Vice-President
Statistics Canada
André Picotte
CAPE TR Vice-President
Translation Bureau
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Kelly Mansfield Employment and Social Development Canada
Howard Delnick Statistics Canada
Andreas Trau Statistics Canada
Jamie Lafontaine Indigenous Services Canada
Ann Kurikshuk-Nemec Statistics Canada

CAPE Staff

Audrey Lizotte Director, Policy and Negotiations
Jennifer George Senior Advisor to the President
Stephanie Cousineau
Committee Secretary