Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee reports to the president of CAPE and provides advice on human resources activities. Members of the committee are consulted on employer-side decisions made by CAPE management in accordance with the collective agreement of CAPE’s unionized employees, employment law, and applicable federal and provincial labour regulations and laws. The committee is constituted of NEC members only.

Terms of Reference

Enacting Provisions

The Human Resources Subcommittee (the “HRSC”) is established under the authority of, and is accountable to, the National Executive Committee (the “NEC”) of the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (“the Association”). The HRSC shall function as stipulated in these terms of reference.  Notwithstanding the provisions set out below, the HRSC does not have the authority to appoint, reappoint, or dismiss any employee of the Association.

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Meeting Minutes



There are presently no meetings or events scheduled for the Human Resources Committee. 


Greg Phillips
CAPE National President 
Statistics Canada
Camille Awada
CAPE EC/Lop Vice-President
Statistics Canada
Howard Delnick Statistics Canada
Jonathan Brulotte Shared Services Canada
Scott Crawford Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Sami Rehman Health Canada

CAPE Staff

Jean Ouellette Executive Director
Julie Courty  Secretary