Call for Nominations to Act as Co-Champion on PPSC’s Mental Health and Wellness Steering Committee

January 24, 2020

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada along with fellow bargaining agents, are looking to jointly nominate a co-champion to co-lead PPSC’s Mental Health and Wellness Steering Committee.  

The Steering Committee’s Terms of Reference and the description of the role and responsibilities of the Co-Champion are outlined below.

If you are interested in being the Bargaining Agent Side Co-Champion and are an PPSC member in good standing at the PPSC, please submit your proposal to the PPSC by January 31, 2020 at .

Your proposal (not to exceed 2 single-spaced pages) should provide an outline of why you would make a great Mental Health Co-Champion, having regard to the qualities outlined below.   We encourage you to also include a letter or a note from colleagues in support of your nomination as well.  

Once the nomination period closes, the PPSC will engage in discussions with its fellow bargaining agent colleagues whose employees are also represented at PPSC.  Please note that by submitting your nomination, you consent to the disclosure of your nomination application to bargaining agent representatives participating in the co-champion selection process.

A final nomination will be submitted to the DPP for approval following consensus of those bargaining agents represented on the National Labour Management Consultation Committee. 

A Co-Champion is:

Someone who is respected by their colleagues and management, has a passion for the cause, and is willing to be the 'face’ of the organization. This is the person who demonstrates leadership qualities and communicates effectively with all workplace employees and stakeholders.  

The Role of the Co-Champion

Co-Champions must be the face of the vision, engage unions and employees at all levels, and raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness.  

Together with other organizational leaders, co-champions are responsible to:

• Develop and ensure the sustainability of mental health & wellness in the workplace
• Establish key objectives toward continual improvement of mental health & wellness in the workplace
• Ensure that mental health & wellness are part of all organizational decision-making processes
• Participate, liaise and collaborate with various committees (e.g. Executive Council, Senior Advisory Board, National Occupational Health & Safety Policy Committee, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Treasury Board Secretariat’s Mental Health and Wellness Champions’ Committee) 

Personal Characteristics of a Co-Champion

• Passionate and Genuine
• Walks the talk (has credibility • Respected by colleagues
• Proactive
• Can mobilize at all levels
• Embrace diversity
• Has access to resources
• Accessible • Offers fearless advice
• Has moral authority
• Possess strong communication skill and the ability to adapt to one’s audience (i.e. has emotional intelligence)

Should you have any questions regarding the role of co-champion, please feel free to contact us at

Finally, we would like to thank Loretta Colton for her exemplary leadership as Co-Champion for the past 2 years and member of the AJC’s Governing Council. We wish her well in her new endeavour.