ServicePlus: CAPE's member discount program

About Service Plus

ServicePlus, is a membership services program for our members and associate members.  

Members have preferential rates on group life, home, auto and travel insurances and discounts on cell phones, hotels, rental cars and more.

Here is a list of ServicePlus partners that offer rebates to CAPE members:

Also, rest assured that we never use any union dues to fund the program nor contests; instead, 100% of the funding is provided by the ServicePlus partners through affinity revenues.

Members just need to request their personal ID number from CAPE to be able to access the ServicePlus website.

How to access ServicePlus discounts

If you're already a ServicePlus member, go to the ServicePlus website and log in.

If you're a CAPE member who hasn't used ServicePlus in the past, please log in to our secure web portal, and click the ServicePlus tab. Follow the instructions to create your ServicePlus account. 

If you have any problems, please contact us at:

If you are a former CAPE member and want to become an associate member and be able to access these discounts, please fill the associate membership form online.

If you are not currently a member of CAPE but are an EC, TR or a Library of Parliament employee covered by a CAPE collective agreement, you can become a registered member and take advantage of the benefits offered by ServicePlus. Fill the New membership application form.

Further information on ServicePlus can be found in the FAQs on the ServicePlus website.