Labour Relations / Employment Representation

CAPE has always offered a level of service second to none to its membership.
CAPE Labour Relations Officers advise members on both an informal and formal basis. Fundamental to this effort has been the strategy of engaging professional staff in redress actions, and of engaging professional staff at the beginning of any redress effort for a member, whether through formal redress or informally.

This has allowed professional labour relations staff to ensure that the member receives timely service, competent and well informed advice regarding the assessment, filing and wording of grievances, if required, and professional representation throughout the redress process. CAPE’s duty is to commit the appropriate professional resources to redress processes.

CAPE’s role of representation includes providing information to the member, evaluating the member’s case, providing advice, preparing the representation to be made before the employer representative, a service provider, an arbitration board or other administrative tribunals.

In order to be held accountable for its redress representation, the Association must have authority over the matters for which it will be asked to answer. In matters of the collective agreement, law stipulates that the parties to the agreement are the parties to a grievance. In other matters of representation, a member of the Association may request representation from the Association. However, matters that are not of the collective agreement may be pursued by a member without the involvement of the Association.

CAPE will consider informal representation on behalf of the member before initiating a formal redress procedure, and may do so again at any time during the process.

The Labour Relations Officer may ask a local officer for assistance in a matter of representation, including signing a grievance form or transmittal form, communicating information to a member or making the representation before the employer.

For information on who you would contact should you require advice or representation on a specific employment matter, call our general number at 613-236-9181 or 1-800-265-9181.

For further information on CAPE’s Redress Representation, please see: Protocol 1: Redress Representation.