The Joint Learning Program: Training workshops to improve labour relations

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CAPE has joined the Joint Learning Program (JLP), a program that provides joint learning opportunities to managers and union members within the federal public service with a view to improving labour relations.

The JLP provides the opportunity to organize workshops in the workplace during regular working hours to help employers and employees improve the workplace. The workshops are also intended to provide the employer and the union with a better understanding of their respective roles and obligations.

Crafting a better working environment

As the day-to-day challenges of the workplace continue to increase, it is important for us to use every tool at our disposal to help make the working environment as pleasant as possible. The JLP is one of those tools.

The Joint Learning Program has been a very valuable resource for me. The programs experiential learning experiences allowed me the opportunity to learn from various members of the Public Service, regardless of their union affiliation, department, or title. It has broadened my understanding of the challenges not just for CAPE members but for all employees of the Public Service. My participation has fostered positive relationships with many that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet, or learn from. It has broadened my understanding of all aspects of an organization and the common goals that are shared but often forgotten. The interactive sessions make learning enjoyable and I am often amazed at the amount of information that has been transferable to other areas of my work and home life. I always come away from a session with an enthusiasm and energy that I have not found in any other program!

- Corrinne Mitchell, Acting Prairies Regional Field Coordinator (Employer/TBS) and CAPE member

In addition, this program will foster exchanges with members of other federal public service unions. In fact, all of the federal public service unions with members within the Core Public Administration have been invited to join the JLP, and several workshops can be organized by Locals of various unions working in partnership.

Seven Workshops are offered

CAPE members working for an eligible department or agency may participate in JLP workshops. Six workshops are offered:

How to organize a workshop?

Workshops are very easy to organize. The Local leadership (or several Locals from participating unions) must come to an agreement with management as to what training should be offered. Once one or more workshops have been selected, the person in charge at the Local level must contact the JLP Regional Field Coordinator in order to set a date and agree on a budget for each workshop. Once a workshop has been confirmed, it will be up to the Local and managers to invite participants.

Participation is voluntary, and workshops are held on (or near) workplace premises during regular working hours.

Additional information

Complete information on the workshops that are available, the procedure for organizing workshops and how to contact your Regional Field Coordinator is available on the pages of the JLP website.

Make sure to take advantage of this new tool in order to improve your workplace.