CAPE – Travel for Union Business


Effective Date: October 1, 2018


1. The objective of this travel policy is to ensure a consistent application of entitlements for the purposes of travel for union business. The policy applies to CAPE members travelling for authorized union business.


2. The Travel for Union Business Policy is subsumed under CAPE Bylaw 8 (see Appendix A) for its application to members.

3. Bylaw 8 establishes the authority of the NJC Travel Directive for matters related to travel. For details regarding entitlements, members are asked to consult the Travel Directive in Appendix C. Where and if a provision of the protocol contradicts the policy, the policy prevails.

4. The travel for Union Business Policy subsumes CAPE’s Protocol on the Reimbursement of Expenses – CAPE Training Courses (See Appendix B).  Where and if a provision of the protocol contradicts the policy, the policy prevails.


5. The Association

a) Will consider reasonable requests communicated in a timely fashion by a member travelling for union business;
b) Will determine when and by what means members will travel;
c) Will determine what accommodation will be used;
d) Will make and repay for travel arrangements;
e) Will arrange and pay directly for accommodations

6. The Member

a) Will provide timely and accurate information to required to make travel arrangements and arrangements for accommodations for union business;
b) Will provide receipts for all out of pocket expenses (e.g. taxis, parking etc.) provided for under the NJC Travel Directive; no receipts are required for meals, the incidental allowance;
c) Where the kilometric allowance is clamed, will provide the starting and end point of travel to enable a verification of kilometers clamed.

7. CAPE will normally pay for hotel rooms directly. However, in circumstances where a hotel is chosen by the Association only accepts the credit card of the guest, the member can add receipts for accommodations to their reimbursement claim.


8. Participation by teleconference is encouraged for circumstances other than those identified in the next section of the policy.

Specific circumstances and conditions for travel paid by CAPE

9. CAPE will cover travel and accommodation expenses of CAPE members travelling to the NCR or within the NCR under the following circumstances.

a) All members are reimbursed the cost of parking or public transportation if they attend a meeting at CAPE’s offices scheduled during office hours and are not within a ten-minute walking distance from CAPE.

b) Members of the National Executive who work in the NCR are reimbursed the cost of taxis from work to CAPE offices and from CAPE offices back to work if meeting is scheduled after work hours.

c) Members of the National Executive from outside the NCR are entitled to paid accommodations ad travel to the NCR for all NEC meetings.

d) CAPE will pay for travel and accommodations for one member per Regional local to attend CAPE’s Local Leadership Council meetings, President’s Council meetings and to the NRC for all NEC meetings.

e) The NEC may approve that CAPE pay for travel and accommodations for additional members from a Regional Local  to attend CAPE’s Local Leadership Council meetings, MBM, AGM or a special AGM where the Local makes a request and provides rationale.

f) With the exception of circumstances described above, CAPE’s President approves all requests for paid inter-regional travel and accommodations.


CAPE Loyalty Points

10. Loyalty points accumulated by CAPE to pay for travel and accommodations will be used to pay for expenses incurred by CAPE.


11. Where a member or employee provides the appropriate medical certificates that identifies a need for accommodation for travel and/or accommodations, the Association after discussing the matter with the member or employee will determine the appropriate accommodation. 


12. This policy will be reviewed every three years during the first year of a new National Executive mandate.