Steward Training Module Descriptions

Here’s a brief description of the course modules offered at CAPE.

Basic Stewards’ Training - Half Day

CAPE’s Stewards serve as the eyes and ears of the Association in the workplace. They act as advisors to members and are usually the first link between members in their workplaces and the Association.  The Basic Stewards’ Training module introduces members’ to the roles and responsibilities of CAPE stewards. The module explains how stewards can assist members with issues such as; grievances, staffing issues, employment equity, labour management consultations etc.

Know Your Collective Agreement (EC or TR) - Full Day

Know Your Collective Agreement Course is a one-day course that is given to familiarize Association Representatives with the collective agreement that applies to their members. The Collective Agreement is probably the most important document for a steward to understand. That is why this course offers a very practical approach to both understanding the collective agreement and applying it to possible scenarios that could occur in the workplace. In this course you will learn to problem solve and understand the different ways in which the collective agreement can solve possible problems in a workplace.

Running and Mobilizing an Effective Democratic Local - Half Day

The running and mobilizing an effective democratic local training module will help our stewards develop an understanding of how Locals relate to CAPE and the broader union environment. Stewards learn and discuss practical ways that Locals can defend and represent the interests of members and how they can apply the principles of running democratic and effective locals to their own Local. This training also informs stewards on the importance of mobilization and communication and equips them with the information necessary to recruit and mobilize members.

Duty to Accommodate - Half Day

This steward training course outlines the role of both the employer and employee in an accommodation situation and covers the legal and policy framework for the duty to accommodate. The course is designed to give stewards the ability to recognize when an accommodation issue is occurring in the workplace and how to react appropriately as a steward. It will also give you a foundation for consultation with the employer at the local level on the duty to accommodate. We have a variety of questions and role playing scenarios included in the training to enhance the practical learning experience of our stewards.

Occupational Health and Safety - Half Day

Worker safety is a vital concern for the Canadian Association of Professional Employees. CAPE believes that stewards who understand Occupational Health and Safety play a vital role in promoting a safe work environment and preventing injuries. Thus, in Occupational Health and Safety training, we try to ensure that the participants of the course become familiar with the various laws, regulations, etc. which make up the Occupational Health and Safety framework in the public sector service. This course will help participants identify the duties, responsibilities and the rights of the employer, employees, and the Association.

Harassment and Violence in the Workplace - Half Day

Harassment and violence in the workplace is a hot button issue in today’s legal landscape. In this Harassment and Violence in the Workplace course, stewards will be taught to understand what constitutes workplace harassment and violence. Thanks to Bill c-65 changing the whole landscape of dealing with harassment and violence in the workplace, this course will explain the new legislative regime in relation to workplace harassment and violence. This course will also go over what CAPE’s role is when harassment and violence occurs in the workplace.

Performance Management - Half Day

CAPE recognizes that it is important to keep the performance management system fair, open, and transparent and we recognize that we need our stewards to play a role in making sure that the performance management system stays that way. That is why in the performance management course stewards will learn about the performance management and the year-end review process. Stewards will also learn about the obligations for performance management as set out under the Collective Agreement along with CAPE and steward’s role in the performance management process.

Mental Health in the Workplace - Half Day

Mental health in the workplace is becoming more and more recognized as the serious health issue it is and CAPE is dedicated to helping our members struggling with mental health issues. The mental health steward training course explains the importance of participating in a psychologically safe work environment. The course outlines the various actions taken by the Treasury Board to advance mental health awareness in the workplace and what support systems and measures are in place for employees with mental health issues.