Steward Training

About the Steward Training Sessions

For more than 10 years, CAPE has hosted its bi-annual Stewards’ Training Sessions. These sessions provide information on labour relation practices and policies that affect our members. The sessions are designed to help members understand their rights with relation to their Collective Agreements and the employer.

How to get started


Register for upcoming training sessions. Steward Training sessions are typically offered in the Spring and Fall and are held over a three-day period. A maximum of five modules can be covered per session.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes a minimum of five registrations for a course to be given.

Steward Training Module Descriptions

A brief description of the course modules offered at CAPE

Steward Resources

Includes reference material for stewards; Application to become a Steward, Travel Directives, Roles and responsilbilities, Collective Agreements and more important information.

Solemn Declaration Form

The Solenm Declaration Form confirms that a member accepts and understands the roles and responsibilities of being a CAPE steward.

This form is valid for the duration of a Steward's term as reprsentative of a local. Representatives can assume a variety of positions within a given local; president, vice-president, treasurer, director, Steward etc.

If a steward's is elected or acclaimed to a different position, they must sign and return another Solemn Declaration form confirming their new position.  

Stewards must fill out and return Solemn Declaration Forms to CAPE membership at