What is a steward?
Steward is an expression used in labour relations to define a Union member who represents the Association and other CAPE members in a designated work area.

What is a steward's role in the workplace?

The steward is an official representative of the Association. Stewards ensure CAPE is informed of workplace developments, changes, and any and all issues relating to the well-being of the membership. As a key part of our organization, stewards ensure that CAPE members  are treated fairly in the workplace.

How do you become a steward?

Only regular members may be appointed as stewards.  In workplaces or regions where there is a local, stewards are selected, usually by an election, and approved by the members at their next local Annual General Meeting. In other workplaces, stewards are approved by the National Executive Committee of the Association.

Becoming a CAPE steward helps in building a stronger community and a stronger union. 

If you have recently been elected or have volunteered to be part of a local, you are encouraged to register for the next Steward Training session.