Visitors will enjoy CAPE's new website

CAPE launched its new website in mid-June 2014. The decision to retire the old website after 13 years of reliable service was precipitated when our web services provider informed us in March that it would soon be closing up shop. Since a replacement had to be found, we decided the time was right for a full-scale retooling of the site. A real step forward, the resulting new website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

CAPE’s former site had thousands of pages and could be mined by users for tonnes of information, but it was not particularly easy to browse through. The CAPE members and elected officials we consulted while the new website was under development asked us to make certain to transfer to the new site all of the documentation from the old site; they also asked us to make the new site easier to navigate. Several of the people we consulted also felt it was important to make the new site compatible with tablets and smart phones.

These recommendations were taken into account as we worked with the team at EnvisionOnline, a small Ottawa firm that was awarded the contract for the website following a call for tenders. The Envision team helped us choose an attractive, modern-looking platform suited to the type of information CAPE wishes to provide to its members.

A banner runs across the upper third of the home page; it contains a number of drop-down menu buttons that allow users to easily find information about CAPE, Locals and occupational groups, services, resources and the latest news. Beneath this banner is an attention-grabbing box with a rotating slide show of clickable photos linked to important documents and information on key issues or activities. Four buttons beneath these photographs provide direct access to pages on Locals, collective agreements, issues and campaigns, and pages where members can register or update their profiles. The banner across the lower third of the page contains photo-buttons providing rapid access to specific parts of the site, such as committees, current collective bargaining information, and other hot issues.

The site has its own powerful search engine that allows users to quickly find documents that might not be easy to locate otherwise. Lastly, icons have been placed in the lower right-hand corner of the page to link users to the President’s Blog, CAPE’s Twitter feed and, in particular, CAPE’s RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed which automatically updates all of the postings on the “News” section of the home page. This tool, which can be easily installed on a computer, tablet or cell phone, allows you to find out at a glance what is happening at CAPE.

We are constantly working to improve the usefulness and usability of our website. If you are a cell phone or tablet user, you will notice that the site has been optimized for these devices. In order to make your life even easier, we are currently upgrading the accessibility of the site by converting numerous PDF files into “normal” web pages, making them easier to read.
In short, while it remains a work in progress and we continue to provide constant care to make it even more usable and accessible, CAPE’s new website is already a user-friendly interface that represents a significant step forward in terms of layout and presentation.
Don’t hesitate to write us to share your comments or suggestions to make this website better :