The Signing of the EC and TR Collective Agreements

August 28, 2019

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It's official! The EC and TR collective agreements were signed earlier this afternoon at Treasury Board.

Both tentative agreements were reached with the Employer in June after months of negotiations and were put to the vote shortly after.

 “The negotiations have had their challenges” said Greg Phillips CAPE President. “The employer and members of the bargaining teams worked tirelessly to come to a timely agreement, and we are glad to see this coming to fruition today.”

As of today, the new provisions are in effect with the usual exception of pay. Please take note that special provisions were negotiated in the current round to address the matter of the implementation of pay for the retroactive period and for the adjustment of pay scales.

The new EC provisions can be found here on CAPE’s web site.

The new TR provisions can be found here on CAPE’s web site.

The new collective agreements should be available soon on the Treasury Board web site.

CAPE President Greg Phillips, Assistant Deputy Minister of Treasury Board Sandra Hassan and bargaining teams from both sides were present at the signing of the collective agreements.

Ec Bargaining Team

Tr Bargaining Team

Greg Sandra 2