The Elections and Resolutions Committee Needs a TR Member!

September 11, 2018

The Elections and Resolutions Committee is looking for a CAPE TR Member, so it can continue to fulfill its mission of organizing and overseeing all election and voting processes, other than ratification votes.

If you are a CAPE TR Member and would like to play an active role in this committee, you can submit your name immediately, along with the reasons you wish to be considered as a Committee Member.

You can examine CAPE’s constitution and bylaws, in particular Bylaw #3 and Articles 15 and 17 of the Constitution, to familiarize yourself with the work of this committee.

Please note that members of the Elections and Resolutions Committee cannot be candidates for election to the NEC, nor can they second the nomination of such candidates, volunteer to serve as scrutineers for candidates, or support candidates in any manner whatsoever. In addition, members of the Committee shall not publicly divulge their opinion on a resolution. However, Elections and Resolutions Committee members do retain their right to vote.