Reporting on the 2018 Steward Training Sessions

January 28, 2019


Twice in 2018, CAPE hosted its Bi-Annual Stewards’ Training Sessions in Ottawa. A total of 50 stewards participated, 18 of which, travelled from our regional locals. 

For more than 10 years, CAPE has delivered these Steward Training sessions to help our representative members understand and respond to the many challenges facing public servants. The sessions offer a wide range of basic to advanced training courses.

Typically, CAPE’s three-day sessions are held twice a year in Ottawa, both in the spring and in the fall to cover a range of issues including collective agreements, running a democratic local, occupational health and safety and duty to accommodate, among others.

As CAPE stewards, our members find gratification in helping fellow members as well as getting more involved in activities in view of building a stronger community and a stronger union. Find out how members can become stewards here.

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“Stewards are volunteers that are willing to dedicate their time in helping fellow members navigate the union-space and get the most out of their Association.  Many travel from the various regions in Canada to join us at our headquarters here in the nation’s capital. We extend our gratitude to these volunteers for being representatives of the Association.”

- Claude Archambault, Labour Relations Officer for CAPE Stewards’ Training Sessions

I. 2018 Sessions’ Reports

Spring Sessions (May 28-June 2)

The Spring 2018 English session was held from May 14 -18 and the French session was held from May 28 to June 2, over a period of five days each. A total of 15 members participated.

Stewards were able to take up to seven different training modules, ranging from Basic Stewards’ Training to advanced modules such as Harassment in the Workplace.

Despite the positive feedback from the course materials, it was determined that 5-day sessions were challenging. Members were concerned about taking that much time off in one stretch. Some members felt that having so much information was overwhelming. As such, our numbers were smaller than anticipated.

Following these sessions, CAPE reviewed all the training modules and reduced the training to three-day sessions instead of five to improve members’ training experience.

Fall Sessions (October 30- November 8)

A total of 35 members participated; 28 in English, seven in French – making it CAPE’s most successful training session to date. 

A total of five training modules were offered, included:

- Basic Stewards’ Training
- Know your Collective Agreement
- Running and Mobilizing an effective local
- Duty to Accommodate
- Occupational Health and Safety

The reviewed course materials dramatically improved members’ understanding of labour relations and further improvements are to come for 2019.

II. Improvements for Member Travel

With many members travelling from the regions, CAPE amended the reimbursement procedures. Now thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed in July 2018, members can bypass the Phoenix pay system and remain on paid leave during their steward training.  

III.  What’s in Store for 2019?

CAPE is currently reviewing its training material for further improvement.

Recently, the federal government’s passing of Bill C-65, which will amend Part II of the Canada Labour Code, will provide a comprehensive harassment and violence in the workplace rights, entitlements and timely recourses. CAPE has updated its Workplace Harassment module to reflect these legislative changes and the training module will be offered in Spring 2019.

Additionally, CAPE recently welcomed civilian members from Royal Canadian Mounted Police and will look at hosting a training session for them in early 2019.

CAPE’s 2019 training calendar will be made available to members as soon as possible.

About Stewards

CAPE stewards play a vital role in strengthening our organization as they can:

- Mobilize members for common causes
- Stand as one entity in the face of many obstacles affecting public service life.

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