Public servants are the pillars of our government

June 13, 2019

Everyday, Canadians go about their lives, many unaware of the efforts and energy deployed to ensure government services run smoothly and effectively. Yet, the stability of our government and the quality of the services it offers depend on the work of thousand of public servants.  This Public Service Week, we ⎯ at the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), invite you to acknowledge and celebrate them with us.

Federal employees are the pillars of public service. They play a key role in ensuring the reliability and stability of our federal institutions. When it comes to CAPE members, they ensure government leaders and decision-makers make decisions based on facts, evidence and in-depth analyses, and that knowledge and information to Canadians and other public servants are provided in both official languages.

They often work in the shadows, and their efforts might go unnoticed. However, thanks to their dedication and hard work, Canadians can be proud to have one of the best public services in the world. Despite the challenges they may have to face and overcome to perform their work, they continue to dutifully serve Canadians and to provide top-notch services.

This week, we – at CAPE, pay tribute to all public service employees, and particularly our 17,900 members —economists, political analysts, researchers, statisticians, translators, interpreters and terminologists. We are proud and honoured to represent them and spare no effort to look out for their best interests.

Together, let’s express our gratitude to our public servants and commend them for their exemplary dedication.

Greg Phillips