Solidarity with Greece against European austerity

July 02, 2015

Greece E


The Canadian Association of Professional Employees extends its support to the government and the people of Greece in their decision to hold a referendum on the terms of the financial assistance program being negotiated with the European Union.  The people of Greece have suffered harshly and unjustly from devastating austerity cuts to their public services, massive public sector lay-offs and pension cuts.  With unemployment reaching 25 percent – and a youth unemployment rate nearly double that amount – Greece’s creditors have ruled out the most modest of stimulus measures in favour of imposing a permanent recessionary economy through more draconian cuts. 

CAPE recognizes the importance of this struggle and the message that a “No” in the referendum on Sunday, July 5 will send to those who insist, against logic and historical experience, that the only way to achieve economic growth is through indiscriminate cuts.  It is of the utmost importance that labour unions around the world extend their solidarity to the people of Greece and support them in their struggle to chart a new path that breaks with the failed policies of the past.  

Rally to support Greek workers as they say ‘NO’ to the European Union’s austerity agenda

When: Saturday, July 4th at 11 a.m.
Where: Rally at the Greek Embassy (80 MacLaren Street, between Elgin and the Canal)

Seven years after the 2008 international economic crisis, the Greek people are taking the international lead in saying ‘NO’ to the austerity measures being imposed by governments and international financial institutions around the world.  These measures have effectively shifted the burden of responsibility for the recklessness of the bankers onto the shoulders of the public. 

This Sunday, Greece will be holding a referendum to determine whether to reject the European Union’s plan for deepening the austerity that has plunged their country into depression.

Opponents of austerity world-wide have already rallied to show their support for the leadership of the Greek left in the international battle against global austerity. Now the residents of Ottawa-Gatineau have a chance to add their voices to the international chorus of support for Greeks in opposing the austerity of the world’s one percent.

Join us for a Rally and March on Saturday July 4th at 11 a.m. to show your solidarity with the NO (‘OXI’ in Greek) position in Sunday’s Greek referendum.

Please circulate this call for participation as widely as possible. Bring signs, banners, short messages of solidarity.

Called by the Workers Action Group of Solidarity Against Austerity (SAA)

For more information, or to assist in organizing efforts (speakers, endorsements, etc.), please contact one of the following organizers: