National Aboriginal Day: We need to have all the voices heard

June 21, 2017

As part of Canada 150, a Government of Canada priority, our members are engaged in building events and other initiatives. But many of our members are also keenly aware that Canada 150 carries many inherent contradictions. Some in our society are organising to constructively criticize an unalloyed celebration when so many are still disadvantaged and disenfranchised.

As we mark National Aboriginal Day, the day on which Canada 150 celebrations will kick off, we need to recognize that Canadians from all walks of life have the right to be sceptical of the need to celebrate such anniversary, as many Indigenous people may feel.

CAPE members are dedicated to fearless advice and loyal implementation. But even in a new atmosphere of openness in the public service, it can be difficult for public servants to point out why departments should take into account alternative views of this anniversary, especially in the arenas of indigenous and environmental issues.

Please celebrate National Aboriginal Day with an open mind and by trying to learn more about the history of the very first Canadians.