Information on retroactive pay for EC and TR retirees

May 11, 2017

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CAPE members who retired and were EC’s and TR’s during the retroactive period are entitled to retroactive pay and a recalculation of severance pay and pension

The retroactive period is from the effective date of the salary revision (June 22, 2014 for ECs – April 19, 2014 for TRs) up to and including the day before the collective agreement is signed on May 24th, 2017.  If you were an employee anytime during this period, you are entitled to retroactive pay.

Assuming it has not been cashed it out previously, severance pay (i.e. one week’s pay for each year of continuous employment), will be re-calculated.  The same applies to your pension, the average highest five consecutive years of salary used to calculate your pension will be based on the new salaries negotiated.  

What additional entitlements or allowances will be adjusted as a result of a retroactive revision?

While the following list is not all inclusive, it provides a representation of various entitlements and allowances that will be adjusted as a result of a retroactive revision:

(Source, Public service pay centre).

For more information, visit the Public service pay centre web page.

Your former department is responsible for forwarding this information to the Pay Centre.