CAPE members ratify tentative agreements and endorse their president

March 13, 2017

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In a vote on a number of issues concerning their terms and conditions of employment and the future of their union, 2,971 members of CAPE cast ballots to approve the tentative agreement with Treasury Board for the EC and TR groups; they have also expressed their confidence in the president of the union.

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In all, 2,665 members of the EC group, representing 97 percent of the ballots cast, voted to ratify the tentative agreement reached by the group’s bargaining team on January 26. In so doing, they put an end to a round of collective bargaining that began more than 31 months ago.

Their colleagues in the TR group also voted, in a proportion of 96 percent, to ratify the tentative agreement reached on December 15, 2016, with 225 members voting in favour. Collective bargaining for the renewal of the TR agreement had been in progress since June 2014.

President to remain in office

In addition, following a petition and complaint brought against CAPE President Emmanuelle Tremblay by 140 members in February 2016, the full membership of CAPE was required to vote on whether Ms. Tremblay would continue in her post or be removed from office. Of the 1,768 members who voted, 49 % voted to retain the President, while 51 % voted to recall her, thus keeping the president in office until the end of her term on December 31. A two-thirds majority of the ballots cast in the vote would have been required to force the president’s removal from office.

“I am delighted to see this long-running saga, which began last year and which was based on numerous unfounded allegations, finally come to an end with this vote by our members,” said President Emmanuelle Tremblay. “I hope that my opponents will now accept the verdict of the members, put an end to their smear campaign and return their focus to addressing the concerns of our members. This has been a trying time not just for me, but also for several of CAPE’s elected officers and employees. I am therefore extending my hand to all those who wish to continue working to shape CAPE into an organization that is more democratic and closer to its members.”

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Got questions about how the vote was conducted? Visit our voting homepage.