“Years of Service” Policy Grievance Update

December 12, 2012 When the “Years of Service” policy grievance was filed, CAPE was seeking a consistent interpretation of the Workforce Adjustment Directive (WFAD) based on the definition of “service”. In its initial interpretation, the employer had apparently lost sight of the fact that the wording of the Directive that applies to our members is not the same as the wording of the collective agreement language of PSAC and PIPSC when it comes to the calculation of years of service for calculating the entitlement to the Transition Support Measure (TSM).
CAPE welcomes the recent developments - the employer's 'addendum' to the final level grievance response, by which it substantially modified its position, and now the publication of the Bulletin, on November 16, 2013 as concrete indications that we now share a common understanding of what is meant by 'service' for purpose of the calculation of the TSM.
However, before we inform the PSLRB that we are withdrawing our policy grievance, CAPE has asked the Treasury Board to clarify how far back in time it will go when revising payments to employees entitled to, or having benefited from, the payment of the TSM. It is CAPE's understanding that corrective measures unfolding from the application of the directions contained in the Bulletin would apply to all affected CAPE members going back to June 1st, 2012, that is 25 days - excluding Saturdays, Sundays and designated holidays - from the day the policy grievance was filed. We will relay the employer's response as soon as we receive it.