FAQ on new voting process

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Frequently asked questions

Why is voting changing?
Voting is changing for several reasons. For one, using the web portal will help us ensure that only verified members can cast a vote. Secondly, the email ballot system wasn’t perfect; some electronic ballots would get caught up in spam filters, never making it to its intended recipient. The web portal solves this problem by allowing members to log in, from their computer, phone or tablet, to cast their vote.

Why do I need to provide ID?
To strengthen the integrity of the member registry, members will be asked to confirm their identity.

Your ID will be verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) prior to the next vote – once verified, your submitted personal ID will be deleted. Neither CAPE nor its database manager will retain your ID on file.

Which ID can I use?

The following is a list of recommended and accepted ID:

Please do not use:

How secure is the member portal? Is it safe to send my ID through this platform?
The member portal uses 128 bit encryption, which is the same as what your bank uses for online banking. We understand and respect your privacy; that’s why your ID will only be used to confirm your identity. Once confirmed, your ID will be deleted from our systems.

Why can’t I vote immediately after registering?
The registration and authentication period will allow users to complete all the necessary steps in advance of the vote.

During this time, members will be asked to register and send in their ID for verification. As you may understand, we want to ensure that we provide our members with ample time to register and reviewing and confirming this initial burst of registrations may take some time. That’s why the registration window is so long. The registration period will commence two weeks prior to the voting period and continue during the voting period. The vote will open for a period of two weeks.

What was wrong with the old way of voting?
Sending electronic ballots by email wasn’t perfect; we were often at the mercy of various internet service providers’ very strict spam filters. If a member did not receive a ballot, it was then up to that individual to contact us to have a new ballot generated. It also meant that the national office was responsible for re-issuing members’ ballots.

The member portal empowers our members to be in charge of the process from start to finish. On our end, we’ll continue to alert members of upcoming voting periods, but our communications will direct members to the web portal. It will be up to members to log in and cast their vote. Members will also have more control over their personal information (email, address, telephone number, etc).  If you have changes to your personal information you will need to log in to the member portal to update it.

Why is the voting system changing?
After conducting a review of our voting processes, PwC identified control weaknesses that could impact the integrity of the member database. That’s why PwC recommended improving the integrity of the information in the member registry through the verification process described above.

Can I still register to vote if I miss the registration period?
Yes, you can register at any time. But in order to cast a vote in the upcoming process, you must register and have your account verified before the end of the voting period.

Who will oversee this vote?
To oversee this vote, CAPE has retained the services of PwC, which undertook a review of our voting process and controls.

How will I know when a voting period is approaching?
That’s our job at CAPE, and we take it very seriously. Just like before, we’ll be sure to notify you in advance of a voting period through our website, our e-newsletters and our social media platforms. We’ll also send you a few friendly reminders, just in case you forget!

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Who do I contact if I have problems casting my vote?
The CAPE National Office can be contacted to address any issues.