The Alternation Process - CAPE’s Exchange Facilitation Service

June 14, 2013 To facilitate the alternation process, CAPE has established an exchange facilitation service. CAPE invites members who wish to voluntarily leave the public service and vacate a position that could be filled with an opting employee to communicate with the Association and have their names and contact information put on a list. The list will then be made available to opting members who communicate with the Association.
Both volunteers to leave and opting employees should write to
Volunteers to leave should write on the subject line of their email: Volunteer – Contact Information. The contact information should include name, the classification level of the substantive position that would be vacated, and an email address where the member wishes to receive expressions of interest from an opting member of CAPE. Opting members who wish to participate in the exchange facilitation process, i.e. members who have been declared surplus and have not received a reasonable job offer and who wish to stay in the public service, should entitle their email as follows: Opting Employee – Request for an Updated Volunteers List.
For further information please consult the following document – Continuation of Employment of Affected Employees
Additional Information regarding Work Force Adjustment can be found on our Work Force Adjustment page.