Possible strike by Foreign Service Officers

March 28, 2013 The approximately 1,500 members of the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) recently voted in favour of strike action within the context of their collective bargaining with Treasury Board. They are therefore in a position to initiate pressure tactics at any time in order to help bring about a negotiated settlement. If you would like more information about this ongoing collective bargaining process, visit the PAFSO website.
In December 2012, when Ontario teachers announced that they would be holding one-day walkouts, CAPE published a brief reminder for its members on how to deal with striking members of other unions both within and outside the workplace. This information was posted on CAPE’s website. In brief, we asked CAPE members to show respect for the union members who are on strike, and to respect the process by not attempting to perform any of the duties of striking employees.
In October 2004, we published a document on procedures to follow during a strike directly affecting your place of work. The information and scenarios in this document are still valid today, and we urge you to take the time to review this material. In particular, three pieces of advice from that document bear repeating:
1- any disagreement you may have with your manager’s decisions arising from the strike must be brought to his or her attention;
2- you must obey your manager’s directions; and
3- you must contact a CAPE Labour Relations Officer to discuss possible recourse, including filing a grievance.
One special situation could possibly arise: if a CAPE member in the EC group holds an acting position in the FS group, that employee is considered to be represented by the FS bargaining unit during his or her acting period.
Treasury Board has also published a policy on strikes in the federal public service, which you are encouraged to consult.
Contact your CAPE Labour Relations Officer should you have any questions concerning the impact that pressure tactics applied by the members of PAFSO may have on your work.