Message from the PresidentLet’s work together to set a new course for CAPE

October 18, 2013

The first wisps of autumn in the air signal that it is time for us to resume our day-to-day routine, both at home and in the workplace. This Fall, however, we can also start working together on a new project of great importance: identifying what CAPE’s vision and priorities should be in the coming years.

As you know, there has been considerable upheaval in the workplace in the last two years, and some of you have felt the pain of these changes more acutely than others. The present government’s budget restraint measures have forced tens of thousands of public service employees out of their jobs. Some took this as an opportunity to effect major career changes or to enter into retirement. However, many workers were pushed out the door despite the fact that the work they performed can only be described as vitally important to the Canadian public.

Those of you whose jobs survived the government’s cuts know there is a growing scarcity of resources and understand that the workload formerly shouldered by the workers who are no longer there has not disappeared. We are also stuck with a government that is constantly disparaging the work that we do and threatening to unilaterally change our terms and conditions of employment.

In this context, it is incumbent upon us to consider what exactly CAPE is and does, what services its members want it to provide, how we can go about setting a course for our union and what that course should be, and how CAPE can play a useful role in this new environment. In recent months, our members have contacted us numerous times to demand that we look at CAPE’s role and services. I want you to know that your voices have been heard. In order to carry out this exercise, however, we will need your thoughts and proposals.

Members of a special subcommittee met last month to draft a mandate and a timeline which were submitted and validated by the National Executive Committee. You will find here an extract of this document which is submitted for your information. You will see that you will be provided an opportunity to make your views known and ensure that this new vision is developed properly. You will have the chance to vote on the final proposal. If it is ratified, that proposal will be adopted as CAPE’s strategic plan for the near future.

Thank you for participating in this exercise. CAPE is fortunate enough to have members who know how to make their opinions heard, can back up their views with clear reasoning, and have a sound understanding of the environment in which they live and work.
I’ll be in touch with you on this matter again soon,

Claude Poirier, President