Message from the President After a difficult year, solidarity will be the watchword for 2013

January 04, 2013 Together we have gone through a particularly difficult year, and we have demonstrated together that the obstacles we encountered in 2012 were not insurmountable. While the government’s budget cuts did claim victims, the cooperation of some departments and agencies made it possible to reduce the number of involuntary terminations.
This experience was not the first of its kind, but it did teach us a few things. Above all, we learned that the current government will stop at nothing to reduce the importance of role of the State in the lives of Canadians, however ridiculous their arguments might be.
To all the individuals who had to leave the federal public service in the past year: please accept my best wishes for success in your future endeavours.
To all those who are still working in the public service: don’t question your decision to serve the Canadian public; just continue to do so with dedication. Remember that politicians will always come and go…
We should remember the achievements of the past year. Two of the groups represented by CAPE have new collective agreements. The Library of Parliament arbitration decision will soon be announced, and we hope it will be as favourable as the preceding decisions for the EC and TR groups.
Solidarity will be the watchword for 2013. We will undoubtedly be revisiting this concept as we prepare to fend off new attacks. The recent rumblings have been all too clear: our working conditions and our fundamental right to organize are being called into question by some elected officials. We have been hearing a new mantra: make the victims of the financial crisis pay for the sins of the financially privileged.
In order to deal with the various threats that are out there, your Association will need to have sufficient means to defend your rights. After the proposed dues increase was voted down by the membership, we initiated our own series of budget cuts. Nevertheless, the level of funding which CAPE receives from its members has remained frozen for seven years, and this situation must be reviewed. Imagine what your life would be like if your salary had been frozen for seven years! We will therefore be starting consultations with your local representatives early this year so we can prepare a new set of measures to be submitted for your approval.
So as the New Year begins, let me extend to all of you my best wishes for continued good health and prosperity, and especially for a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives.
Claude Poirier
CAPE President