Message for National Public Service Week

June 17, 2014

During National Public Service Week (NPSW), a celebration organized by the employer, numerous events will be held to recognize the excellence of the work performed by public servants. While a number of people will be receiving official awards, it is the work of the public service as a whole that is deserving of real recognition. The work accomplished by each and every one of you in the various departments and agencies is truly remarkable, particularly under the present circumstances.

How ironic that the government is organizing a week-long celebration of the work done by public servants as it plots to reduce or eliminate some of their benefits. Last year, Treasury Board President Tony Clement actually stated during Public Service Week that the employee dismissal rate in the public service was too low. What pearls of wisdom will be come up with this year?

CAPE acknowledges the importance of this week and, in particular, the importance of sincerely and honestly recognizing the work of public servants. Accordingly, we urge you to organize activities amongst yourselves or to take part in inter-union activities such as the Union BBQ that will be held at Place de la Cité in Gatineau on June 17 or the “We ♥ Serving Canadians” demonstration on June 19. Please notify us of your planned activities so we can advertise them on our website. Let’s celebrate your accomplishments together.

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