Invitation to Participate in a Pro-Science Rally

July 05, 2012 There are clear signs that the Canadian government is targeting knowledge workers as it implements the cost-cutting measures set out in the recent federal budget. Many of our members are affected by these measures. Several programs have had their funding curtailed or have been abolished altogether, and the government’s ability to rely on unbiased analyses to assess planned changes in its policies and programs is being called into question.
It is important for us to voice our disagreement with these actions. One way for us to do this is to support organizations or individuals opposed to these Draconian austerity measures. At noon on July 10, 2012, to coincide with the First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, which is being held in Ottawa from July 6 to 10, scientists in all fields will march on Parliament Hill to raise Canadian public awareness of how dangerous it is to allow ideology to take the place of science.
“Death of Evidence Rally” website
CAPE supports all measures to make Canadians more aware of threats hanging over the federal public service. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues.